Top 15 Nollywood Movies You Sure Don't Want To Miss

As the year goes by, the Nigeria entertainment industry, Nollywood, seems to be getting better with the awesome release of some cool interesting movies which has really taken it's place in the global entertainment sector.

These movies are far better than what you once knew Nollywood movies to be, with nice video quality and a wonderful storyline attached with some of Nollywood best actors and actresses.

Not to waste your time on long notes, here some of Nollywood best movies ever produced.

1. The Wedding Party 1

As their big day arrives, a couple's lavish wedding plans turn into a nightmare that includes exes, fighting parents and uninvited guests.

Release date: 16 December 2016 (Nigeria)

Director: Kemi Adetiba

Producers: Don Omope, Zulumoke Onuekwusi, Ijeoma Agukoronye

Screenplay: Kemi Adetiba, Tosin Otudeko

2. The Wedding Party 2

When a couple's date night ends in an accidental proposal, a series of chaotic family events seem too powerful to stop.

Release date: 15 December 2017 (Nigeria)

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

Screenplay: Naz Onuzo

3. Merry Men 1: The Real Yoruba Demons

Four promiscuous businessmen must scheme to save the poor people of a village after a corrupt politician challenges them.

Release date: 28 September 2018 (Nigeria)

Director: Toka McBaror

Producer: Ayo Makun

Film series: Merry Men

Screenplay: Ayo Makun

4. Merry Men 2: Another Mission

Four men have stopped robbing the rich to give to the poor and now are focusing on running their businesses.

Release date: 20 December 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Moses Inwang

Producer: Darlington Abuda

Screenplay: Anthony Kehinde Joseph

Film series: Merry Men

5. New Money

A sales girl finds her dreams of becoming a fashion designer within reach when her absentee father leaves her his multi-billion dollar empire.

Release date: 23 March 2018 (Nigeria)

Director: Tope Oshin

Production company: Inkblot Productions

6. Lionheart

Looking to prove her worth, a woman steps up to the challenge to work with her crude and eccentric brother when her father, Chief Ernest Obiagu is forced to take a step back due to health issues.

Release date: 21 December 2018 (Nigeria)

Director: Genevieve Nnaji

Producer: Chinny Onwugbenu

Screenplay: Emil B. Garuba, Ishaya Bako, C. J. Obasi

7. Love Is War

Sparks fly as a husband and wife both win the nominations as the candidates of the two major parties in an upcoming gubernatorial election. Will their marriage survive this unprecedented event?

Release date: 27 September 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Omoni Oboli

Written by: Chinaza Onuzo

Producer: Omoni Oboli

8. Living In Bondage: Breaking Free

Mentored by a mysterious tycoon, an ambitious young man faces a crisis when his rise to power draws him deep into the occult.

Release date: 8 November 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Ramsey Nouah

Executive producer: Charles Okpaleke

Screenplay: Nicole Asinugo, C. J. Obasi

9. Elevator Baby

A wealthy young man and an underprivileged woman are trapped in an elevator as she goes into labour.

Release date: 11 October 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Akay Mason

Executive producer: Niyi Akinmolayan

Producers: Niyi Akinmolayan, Victoria Teimere Akujobi

10. The Bling Lagosians

As each member of the Holloway family work to solve their problems, they prepare for Mopelola's party, clearly to become the year's biggest society event. But the buzz about the party.

Release date: 16 June 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Bolanle Austen-Peters

Producer: Bolanle Austen-Peters

Screenplay: Anthony Kehinde Joseph

11. Muna

‘MUNA’ is the story of a spirited girl raised by her grandmother; the last surviving member of their family. Muna’s driving desire to provide a better life for herself and grandmother in the land of milk and honey leads to shady characters that will change the trajectory. Landing her smack dab into the hands of traffickers. That experience turns her once golden heart into one driven by stone cold revenge on those who stole her innocence. In her grand plan, love was never on the agenda. When secrets and betrayal complicate her strategy, she has a tough decision to make. Will she remain a prisoner of her past or allow love to set her free?

Release date: 6 December 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Kevin Nwankwor

Screenplay: Kevin Nwankwor

Produced by: Emmanuel Ojeah; Unoma Nwankwor

12. Your Excellency

Chief Olalekan Ajadi, a bumbling, billionaire businessman and failed presidential candidate, is obsessed with Donald Trump. Just when his campaign looks set to be another disaster, Ajadi is anointed by a major party and becomes a credible contender, all through the power of social media.

Release date: 13 December 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Funke Akindele

Screenplay: Funke Akindele

Production company: EbonyLife Films

13. The Millions

THE MILLIONS tells a story of some con artists coming together to work on stealing a huge sum of money as failure with the operation puts their lives in the way. The mission leads to betrayal, friendship and true love.

Release date: 30 August 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Toka McBaror

Producer: Chika Lann

Music composed by: Ava Momoh

14. Kasonova

Femi is a widower with a son (Jason). He finds it difficult to get over his late wife and so in a bid to move on, he indulges in several uncommitted relationships. Then he falls in love with Jessica, a single mom who is a preoccupied with her musical career and is impatient with her daughter, Ini.

Release date: 13 September 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Oluseyi Amuwa

Producer: Eddy Young

Written by: Oluseyi Amuwa

15. Gold Statue

Two young men try to locate a "Gold Statue," which may have been a deity inherited by their generation.

Release date: 17 May 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Tade Ogidan

Story by: Tade Ogidan

Screenplay: Tade Ogidan

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